This overview of the life and times of William Archer Skinner, has been produced primarily by his 3 Australian born Great Grandchildren. William Archer Skinner, was born in 1850 at Holborn Hill, London, to John Henry Stansfield Skinner and Elizabeth Thomasine Tupling. "Will" as he was known, was Christened on the 3rd of April 1851, at St Andrews church, Holborn, as were most of his siblings.

Baptism record for William Archer Skinner in 1851 at St Andrews Church, Holborn.

Your web host is in the very fortunate position, to to be able to share with all our web site visitors, quite a wide range of photos and documants, of Will Skinner's parents and many of his siblings, of which most are held within the Bowen, Sydenham, and Harris Families in Australia, with thanks to the late Bertha Agnes Skinner, and the late Elizabeth Bowen nee Sydenham, and her brother John Francis Sydenham.

All William Archer Skinners Australian relations who knew him, or knew of him personally, have since also passed away, the last known person to have met Will was John Francis Sydenham. Thankfully we have been able to piece together a quite accurate overview / timeline of William Archer Skinners life, family, and interests, based mainly on documented records, some family recollections, old newspaper cuttings, records, plus a number of precious photos held from within the Skinner, Bowen, Sydenham, and Angus families. Most of these families were initially either based or born in the suburbs of Melbourne Victoria, or in Ulvertsone Tasmania, Australia.

Earliest known photo of William Archer Skinner - circa late 1860s in London

Part 1 - Census record of William Archer Skinner in 1851 at St Andrews, Holborn UK.

A close look at this record indicates his parents moved around quite often, as going by the birth of their earlier children, these details indicate that from around 1837 they had lived in St Andrews Holborn, Tottenham, Islington, Clerkenwell, and returned to Holborn for the birth of Ada and William Archer.

Part 2 - Census record of William Archer Skinner in 1851 at St Andrews, Holborn UK.

At this point in time, William Archer Skinner was only 3 months old, and his father employed 2 men and 2 boys in his tocacco / snuff business. Their address is noted here as 92 and 93 Holborn, which has been described in various reviews, as the Skinner Tobacconist shop and dwelling, directly opposite St Andrews church and Shoe Lane. Family recollection notes John Henry Stansfield Skinner also imported cigars.

Lithograph from 1850 of Holborn Hill, showing Skinners Tobacconists at left, and St Sepulchres Church in the distance, also looking due East from St Andrews towards St Sepulchres Church,

NB. The awning over the shop at front left, branded as "Skinner Importers", is noted as "92 93" ( Holborn Hill ), and was also the residence of great grandfather William Archer Skinner where he lived in 1851, according to the UK Census. The original large format image of this lithograph, purchased by your web host, clearly shows the Shoe Lane street sign under close-up zoom.

Pedigree view of John Henry Stansfield Skinner - 1811 to 1870 in Middlesex, London

On a personal note, William Archer Skinner appears to have been well educated and quite literate, a family-orientated man of many skills and interests, and from a wealth of Australian newspaper cuttings from the early 1900's, he was heavily involved in local community groups & sporting clubs, when he and his family lived, and he worked as a Stationer, Postal Agent, and bookseller, in his own newsagency in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

William Archer Skinner's newsagency, Reibey St Ulverstone, circa 1910.

Please enjoy this detailed and respectful tribute, to our dearly departed family members. Other generations will be added to this site shortly. For the most complete known study of the many branches of this particular Skinner family, whom were well renowned as tobacconists and snuff makers in London from the 1700s, and generally very well travelled, we recommend serious researchers review the outstanding Skinner record compilation, by our cousin January Zeh from Hawaii, per

Our Skinner family Tree at


William Archer Skinner's parents were John Henry Stansfield Skinner, and Elizabeth Thomasine Tupling,
as outlined as follows.

John Henry Stansfield Skinner Circa late 1860s

Extensive research indicates William Archer's father, John Henry Stansfield Skinner, continued his family's traditional line of income and employment as tobacconists, dating back to at least the 1790s. According to London's Kent Directory of 1794, John Henry's father, Henry Skinner, ran his tobacconists business from his outlet at 243 The Stand, Temple Bar, in London.

Newspaper advert - Reading Mercury, 15 Sep 1800.

Both the Kent and Pigots Directories of this era, indicate John Henry Stansfield's father Henry Skinner, and his aunty Mary Ann Hooper's family were in the tobacco business together in the very early 1800s as shown above, and John Henry Stansfield Skinner was able to split his partnership with his father Henry Skinner, and then run his own business at 67 Holborn Bridge in 1846 as indicated below.

A formal notice of business changes in Feb 1846, between William Archer Skinner's father, John Henry (Stansfield) Skinner, and William Archers grandfather Henry Skinner, as shown here.

Early Skinner's Tobacco Trading card - Courtesy British Museum.

An interesting review of some of the Skinner family tobacco businesses in the early 1800s.
Courtesy New Monthly Magazine Volume 57 per Google books.

To quote from Google EBook - A pinch of snuff etc by By Benson Earle Hill
Some sound, good old snuff will be found at Skinner's, in St. Martin's Court; and the purchasers cannot fail to be pleased with the attention and politeness of the proprietor. There are two other tobacconists of the same name, one residing on Holborn-hill, and the other near Temple-bar, on the left hand side, going city-wards. We should almost be tempted to visit the former of these establishments, since we learn that the wishes of the customers are carried into effect by one of the most extraordinary characters in London.

To quote from Google EBook - Project Gutenberg's The Social History of Smoking, by G. L. Apperson
Mr. Holden MacMichael, in his papers on "The London Signs" says: "Mrs. Skinner, of the old-established tobacconist's opposite the Law Courts in the Strand, possessed, about the year 1890, two signs of the 'Black Boy,' appertaining, no doubt, to the old house of Messrs. Skinner's on Holborn Hill, of the front of which there is an illustration in the Archer Collection in the Print Department of the British Museum, where the black boy and tobacco-rolls are depicted outside the premises."

Painting of Skinners Tobacconists outlet probably Holborn via London, as described above
- Courtesy British Museum via cousin January Zeh, Hawaii.

In case you have come direct to this page from a search engine, we suggest a review of our detailed Skinner Tobacconist history, via

Home page and Skinner Tobacco businesses.

Many within his family were renowned as tobacconists and snuff manufacturers, however John Henry Stansfield Skinner was the only family member known to be a cigar importer, which has also been confirmed by family recollection. In 1853, just after our William Archer Skinner was born, John Henry Stansfield Skinner ran his business at 91 Holborn Hill Rd, opposite the St Andrews church where he attended, and was also where most of his children were most likely Christened.

Baptism record for Elizabeth Thomasin Tupling at St Clements Danes church in 1820.

Photo of Elizabeth Thomasin Tupling, Will's mother, taken circa late 1860s by David Rees of Atkinson Place, SW London. Photo courtesy the late Pamela M. S. Bell, nee Barringer, of Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Elizabeth Thomasin Skinner nee Tupling, born 1817 at St Clements Danes, was the daughter of Benjamin Tupling and Elizabeth Arthur. Benjamin and Elizabeth Tupling resided at 191 Strand, and according to UK Poll records of the early 1820s, he was a jeweller and gold-smith at this location, almost opposite St. Clements Danes church, in the Strand.

Painting of Benjamin Tupling originally of Lincolnshire, circa 1820s, Father of Elizabeth Thomasine Tupling. Photo courtesy the late Pamela M. S. Bell, nee Barringer, of Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Marriage Banns from Clerkenwell in 1812 for Benjamin Tupling and Elizabeth Arthur.

Painting of Elizabeth Thomasin Tupling as a child, with her mother Elizabeth Arthur, circa 1822.
Photo courtesy of the late Pamela M. S. Bell, nee Barringer, of Tunbridge Wells, UK.

UK Poll records for 1819, regarding Benjamin Tupling at 191 Strand, jeweller from Middlesex, West London.

There were two other notable family connections with the children of Benjamin Tupling and Elizabeth Arthur within this Timeframe, being the marriages of Charles John Stanfield Skinner to Ellen Tupling in 1840 at Tottenham, and Henry John Hooper, son of John Calvert Hooper and Rebecca Skinner with Agusta Tupling, in 1845 at St Pancras church in Euston Rd. Other Hooper family links are clairified further down this page.

Marriage of Charles John Stansfield Skinner and Ellen Tupling in 1840, at All Hallows, Tottenham.

Marriage of Henry John Hooper to Agusta Tupling in 1845 at St Pancras church.

Click to review enlargement of Pedigree of William Archer Skinner.


William Archer Skinner was born into what appears to be quite a wealthy family too, mainly due to long standing involement in the tobacco and snuff industry in the UK of this era. Like most of his well travelled family, Will seemed to be comfortable travelling the globe, firstly to go to Nebraska USA, to marry Minnie Raine, we believe was a childhood sweetheart, who probably also attended St Andrews church at Holborn, in the same Parish in which they were both Christened.

Birth 13 Dec 1850 Holborn, London England
Baptism 3 Apr 1851 St Andrew Holborn, England

Christening record of William Archer Skinner in 1851 at St Andrews, Holborn UK.

Birth of Sister Catherine Skinner (18521953) 17 May 1852 London, Middlesex, England

Family of Catherine Hodgson nee Skinner, in Nebraska, U.S.A. Circa 1890.

William Archer's sister Catherine Skinner ( Kate ) emigrated to Nebraska via Quebec with her mother and numerous siblings, on board the Nestorain in 1871. Initially she married Thomas Ira Atwood, and had daughters Mary Elizabeth (Birdie) Atwood and Sadie Atwood prior to 1873. Pictured proudly front and centre above is Catherine's second husband Edmund Paul Hodgson who also emigrated from the UK in 1871. We believe it is Kate's second daughter, Mary Elizabeth Attwood pictured on the right at front, and the younger Daisy Louise Hodgson standing at the left. A separate photo of Kate and Edmunds second daughter, Rascola Hodgson, was born in Nebraska in in 1896, is displayed below.

Rascola Hodgson aged 3, born in Nebraska USA in 1896.

Birth of Sister Louisa Skinner (18541928) 25 Mar 1854 Baptised St Andrew Holborn, England

Louisa Skinner married Edward Francis Ralling, born 1849 in Lancashire UK. It is believed Louisa was Christened at St Andrews Holborn on 2nd Nov 1854, and she and Edward had no children. Louisa died in 1928, some 28 years after Edward passed away.

Birth of Brother Robert Skinner (1855??) 21 Oct 1855 Holborn St Andrew, Middlesex, England

Original Christening record at St Andrews Holborn, of Robert Skinner born 1855 at Holborn Hill via London.

No other records for our Robert Skinner have been located to date. It is highly possible Robert may have passed away very young, that is before the rest of the Skinner family emigrated to Nebraska U.S.A. in 1871, after his father and sisters Julia Augusta Skinner, and Elizabeth Mason nee Skinner all passed away around 1869.

Birth of Brother George Russell Skinner (18591924) 26 Jan 1859 London, England

Portrait of George Russell Skinner aged approx aged 11 - Photo taken circa 1870.

Research indicates George Russell Skinner married Abbie J Green in Denver Colorado USA, on 4th Feb 1895, and they had no children. George Russell Skinner died on the 8th April 1924 in Denver, Colorado.

1895 USA Marriage record of George Russell Skinner and Abbey J. Green - records show they had no children.

Residence 1861 Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire, England.
Census of William Archer Skinner aged 10, along with his siblings. The family had obviously moved house from Holborn Hill, however William Archer's father was still employing 2 men in the tobacco business at 67 Holborn Bridge Rd.

Death of Sister Julia Augusta Skinner (18441869) Sep 1869 Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Little is known of Julia Augusta Skinner, apart from that she passed away as a spinster, aged 25 at Hertford.

Death of Father John Henry Stansfield Skinner (18101870) 8 Jan 1870 Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Probate record of John Henry Stansfield Skinner.

Woodward Mason noted in John Henry Stansfield Skinner's Will, was the husband of his first daughter Elizabeth Skinner - Woodward was an accountant from Waterford in Ireland. John Henry Stansfield's nephew Richard Russell Skinner mentioned here, was the son of John Henry Stansfield Skinners brother William David Skinner from Reading in Berkshire, and his wife Ann Davis - an interesting choice of Executors of the Will. The sum of 8,000 of effects in England in 1870 represented a fortune most of that time, would dream of having!

Death of Sister Elizabeth Skinner (18381870) 1870 Waterford, Ireland

Elizabeth Mason nee Skinner, wife of Woodward Mason. Photo circa late 1860s.

William Archer Skinner's eldest sister Elizabeth, probably experienced an interesting time with her husband Woodward Mason, who was born in Waterford in Ireland in 1834. Records indicate Woodward Mason was a grocer and Quaker, originally from Tramore, Ireland, when he married his first wife Elizabeth Skinner in 1862 at St Margarets at Westminster in London. Elizabeth passed away in 1870, and not long afterwards, Woodward married Margaret Dobbyn, a widow, on 20th Oct 1873, in the Parish of Walton on the Hill in Lancaster.

Marriage Certificate of Elizabeth Skinner and Woodward Mason in 1862 at St Martins in Middlesex, UK.

Not long after Elizabeth Skinner died, Woodward remarried Margaret Dobbyn in 1873. Some two years after this marriage, Margaret Dobbyn on the 10th of May 1875, successfully filed for divorce. Shortly after his divorce, Woodward Mason apparently established a relationship with his first wife's sister, Mary Ellen Skinner, and by 1881 the UK Census notes Woodward and Mary Ellen as married, with a son Sydney aged 5, and daughter Ada aged 4, both born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. No marriage record has been found to date.

Census of 1881 of Woodward Mason, Mary Ellen nee Skinner, and children Sidney and Ada.

Departure of Minnie Raine with Skinner family in 1871.

Research indicates Minnie Raine shown here, was actually Marian Elizabeth Raine, born Clerkenwell on 9 Mar 1851, the eldest daughter of John William Raine, a painter and decorator, and his wife Marian Cox. Minnie was Christened at St James Church in Clerkenwell on 1st June in 1851. It appears of some note both her two siblings, William John Raine and Alice Raine were baptised at St Andrews Holborn, to clarify "St Andrews" was the name of the local Parish (or district). There was a church by the same name of St Andrews, directly opposite John Henry Standfield Skinners tobacco business same church, the address being Holborn Bridge, Holborn Hill. It is possible William Archer Skinner was Christened at this church, and possibly attended, during this time frame.

St Andrews of Holborn - photo courtesy

From this info it appears logical to assume that William Archer Skinner and Marian (Minnie) Raine probably went to the same church of St Andrews at Holborn as teenagers in the 1860s, and probably sang from the same hymn book at this time. It is very likely our William Archer Skinner may have stayed at Holborn around 1871-1872 to help settle the Will and Probate of his late father John Henry Stansfield Skinner, whilst his betrothed Minnie Raine travelled to the USA with other members of his family on the Nestorian.

The Nestorian - Courtesy Heritage Ships

Departure of William Archer Skinner, Jun 1872 Gravesend UK.

Immigration 9 Jul 1872 Quebec, Canada, arrival Nebraska 22 days later, joining siblings & mother & future wife Minnie in Nebraska.

First Marriage 31 July 1872 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, United States, to Marian Elizabeth Raine ( Minnie )

Official marriage record from Nebraska USA for William Archer Skinner & Minnie Raine, originally from Holborn, England.

Minnie Raine was the daughter of John William Raine and Marian Cox, & was Christened 1 Jun 1851 St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England.

Death of 1st Wife Marian Elizabeth Raine ( Minnie ) 10 Oct 1872 Nebraska, USA

Headstone / Marker for Marion Elizabeth (Minnie) Raine. Courtesy

It appears quite a sad situation that William Archer Skinner landed at Quebec in Canada on 9 Jul 1872, and hiked across the top of the USA to Nebraska, to meet up with his mother, and family, and of course his betrothed Minnie Raine.

NB William Archer Skinner returned to England from Nebraska, ( no shipping record of this voyage found ) some time between the death of his wife Minnie Raine in 1872, and mid 1876 when he departed for Melbourne Australia.

Arrival 21 Sep 1876 Melbourne, Australia

Passenger record of the SS Medway. It appears William Archer travelled without family or friends this voyage.

SS Medway - Courtesy Wikipedia.

Photo shoot - Melbourne c1880s.

William Archer Skinner in Melbourne - Circa 1880s.

Second Marriage Jan 1887 West Melbourne, to Elizabeth Jane Angus (18601940), at Jane's parents house.

A later and quite rare photo of (Elizabeth) Jane Angus, and husband William Archer Skinner. Circa 1920s.

Review Angus families.

This wedding certificate was how we discovered William Archer has previously married.

Land Grant at Kirruk, Andersons Inlet 1888. Courtesy Victorian Government Gazette.

Advert for sale of William Archer's 320 acre farm in late Nov 1889.

Death of Mother Elizabeth Thomasine Tupling (18171880) 28 Sep 1880 Hertfordshire, England.

Death of Brother John Henry Skinner (18361887) 19 Mar 1887 Custer County, South Dakota, USA

John Henry Skinner

Birth of Daughter Ruby Winifred Skinner (18881956) 1888 Carlton, Victoria.

Ruby Winifred Skinner with her brother Archer Angus Skinner circa 1902.

NB A seperate page of William Archer Skinners decendants is under construction, and will include Ruby.

Briefly, Ruby married Alwyn Francis Sydenham, had a daughter Elizabeth St Barbe, and a son John Francis St Barbe. Ruby served as a nurse, and Syd as he was known, served in the Bengal Lancers in India, during and post World War 1.

Ruby and Syd lived in and around Colac Victoria until they separated in the 1930s, when Ruby moved to the suburbs of Melbourne, and Syd remarried near Wyong in New South Wales.

Birth of Son Archer Angus Skinner (18901983) 1890 Anderson Creek, Inverloch Victoria Australia.

Archer Angus Skinner shown at top right of this World War One service photo.

NB A seperate page of William Archer Skinners decendants is under construction, and will include Archer.

Briefly Archer also served in World War One, and married Rita Cormack, and they had no children. Archer bred champion chooks, and loved his animals. The back of a pho of some pets, was labelled "my family".

1894 Objection to rates valuation re farm at Andersons Creek, then in the Mornington Shire.

Its not sure if the cost of rates may have been why they sold up and moved interstate?

1899 Resale of valuable colt, destined for England.

Local Tasmanian newspaper article showing a tidy profit from a colt sale,
maybe enough to buy and develop a small business.

1894 Moving to Tasmania.

Obviously from the above two cuttings, it was some time around the mid 1890s, Will, Jane, and Archer Skinner moved from Victoria to live at Ulverstone in Tasmania, where they blended well into the local community, as owners of the newagency in Reibey St. As a means of additional income, William Archer Skinner, was quite entreprenaurial becoming a dealer in regional tourism photographs, many photographs he sold that he took on the Leven River, whilst on business and fishing trips. As he is a subject in a few of the photos he sold as postcards at Ulverstone, it is not sure whether he actually took some photographs himself with the aid of an assistant, or working in conjunction with a local photographer.

William Archer Skinner was authorised as an "Agent for the mail" (ie Post Office agency), according to The Mercury newspaper (Hobart, Tas) on Wed 19 Jun 1895, per Page 4. This newspaper reference, confirms the Skinner family moved to Tasmania in 1894 or 1895.

A later photo postcard of the new Post Office built at Ulverstone, produced in 1909, and sold by William Archer Skinner from his newsagency in Ulverstone. Photo Courtesy

This 6 x 8 inch photo is labelled by William Archer Skinners grandson, John Francis S. B. Sydenham -
"Grandpa Skinner up front / a postcard he used to sell".

A pedigree view of the Skinner / Sydenham / Angus / Hills family connections. Courtesy

Death of Sister Mary Ellen Mason nee Skinner (18391900) April 1900 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Death record of Mary Ellen Mason of 1900.

Death of Brother Arthur Skinner (18461900) Nov 1900 Buenos Airies South America.

Family photo of Arthur Skinner - few records available re Arthur.

Birth of Daughter Bertha Agnes Skinner (19001994) 4 Dec 1900 Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Three generations of Skinners shown here. Photo circa early 1930s
At rear from left, Ruby Winifred Sydenham nee Skinner, and her father William Archer Skinner.
At front from left, Ruby's daughter Elizabeth St Barbe Sydenham, and Ruby's Sister / Wm Archer's daughter. Bertha Agnes Skinner.

NB A seperate page of William Archer Skinners decendants is under construction,
and will include Bertha.

Local football club - 1902

Ulverstone Football Club officer (committee member) - William Archer Skinner 1902.

Ulverstone Robins Football Club 1905 - Courtesy

Sponsorship in the Holy Trinity church - 1904

A special prize sponsored by William Archer Skinner for the Holy Trinity Church in 1904
It is worth noting his son Archer Angus Skinner did well in the Boys Bible class section.

Holy Trinity Church, Ulverstone c1890s - Courtesy

Death of father-in-law James Angus (1827-1904) 13 May 1904 Melbourne West, Victoria, Australia.

James Angus - Elizabeth Jane Skinners father.

Involvement in the Cricket Club - 1906

And the cycling club in 1907

Pirates of Penzance box plan - 1908

William Archer Skinner, Ulverstone Tourism Association - 1909

Some notes on William Archer Skinner's fellow members of the Tourist Association -

A.R. Ellis was on the Town Board in 1899, equivelant of the town council, a keen golfer, was in the Ulverstone Improvement Association in 1907, the Chariman of the Ulverstone Regatta in 1909, and was a founding member of the Ulverstone Freemasons.

R.W. McGowan being Robert William McGowan, was the proprietor of Furnells Hotel in Ulverstone, was involved in the establishment of the Ulverstone Golf Club in 1911, and also a founding member of the Ulverstone Freemasons.

A.C. Solomon was a local solicitor, who was on the Ulverstone Council and was the Warden (head of council) in 1914. Born around 1867, he arrived in 1902 at Launceston. Newspaper cuttings indicate he was involved in the Ulverstone Regatta in 1909, the establishment of the Ulverstone Golf Club in 1911, was noted in the Burnie Advocate newspaper in Feb 1919 as being a renowned fisherman.

A.S. Douglas was involved in the Ulverstone Improvement Association in 1907, was involved setting up the Ulverstone Regatta in 1909, and the establishment of the Ulverstone Golf Club in 1911.

W. Garrard was involved in the Church Grammar School in 1904, and passed away in Ulverstone in Jan 1920. His son William Leslie Garrard, was the town Schoolmaster, and served in the 12 battalion in World War One.

R.P. House was Robert Porter House, a native of Newcastle-on-Tyne in England, who worked for the Advocate newspaper in Burnie for 35 years, helped established the Ulverstone Regatta in 1909, and was also a founding member of the Ulverstone Freemasons.

A formal fishing trip for William Archer Skinner in 1912.

A 6 x 8 inch original - William Archer Skinner on far right, taken by George Patrick Taylor, also of Reibey St Ulverstone. George was a Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician, and Photographer, and was Vice President of the Ulverstone Tourist Association in 1918. George was also involved in the establishment of the Ulverstone Golf Club in 1911, and was the timekeeper at the Ulverstone Regatta in 1920. It appears William Archer's mate close by to his left, has a pipe in his hand, and is also quite relaxed. However, regarding the other two gents on the left, they appear a bit over-dressed, one with a beer bottle in hand, and the other seemingly posing hard for the shot.

Photographer George Patrick Taylor, as mentioned above. Courtesy

Is it possible the above photo by GP Taylor, was taken per this review of William Archers activities in 1912? This cutting refers to Earnest Frith, who was the secretary of the Ulverstone Tourist and Progess Association, when our William Archer Skinner was the President. Earnest was 10 years younger than our William Archer, and he passed away at Ulverstone on 23 July 1937, the same year William Archer died in Carnegie, Victoria. Earnest's application in 1868 regarding converting the Ulverstone watch house to a school, came to fruition in July 1870, and his personal efforts helped in the establishment of the Ulverstone Regatta in 1909.

Dr Andrew Honman, qualified in London, was a pioneer pathologist and radioligist at Bethesda Hospital east of Melbourne, who lived at Eltham Victoria, and married Annie Wallace. The Premier of Tasmania invited interstate representative to regularly visit, and Steamship and Railway discounts were arranged. (per Intercolonial Medical journal 1902).

Ambrose Goddard Pratt was the son of 2 generations of doctors, wrote 30 novels, and was a renowned journalist.

Residence 1914 Leven, Darwin, Tasmania, Australia.

1914 Census record of William Archer, wife Jane, and son Archer Angus Skinner, at Ulverstone, where the family lived and ran the local newsagency store.

Daughter Ruby Skinner serves in World War 1 as a nurse -1915

Nurse Ruby Winifred Skinner (center) serving overseas in World War One.

Roll of honour displayed at William Archer Skinner's newsagency -1916

A very reputable description of the Roll of Honour William Archer Skinner deemed worthy to display in his newsagency, and respect of those locals in 1916, whom had offered their services and lives for Australia.

A later presentation of the Ulverstone Roll of Honour - Courtesy

Nov 1917 Gone fishing

The reverse of this photo is written by William Archer Skinner as follows,
"River Ross
love from Will
2 prints of this photo are held by family

War effort - Tobacco for the troops.

From this cutting, it appears William Archer Skinner took the initiative, and raised cash donations from the local Ulverstone community, to provide Australian troops fighting in World War One, with tobacco. From the Skinner involvement in the tobacco industry dating back to the 1790s in England, this would have probably seemed to William Archer Skinner, something that simply had to be organised. Kindly note, "E J S Skinner" refers to William Archer's wife Jane Angus, and "Miss B A Skinner" was his second daughter Bertha.

Residence 1919 Leven, Darwin, Tasmania, Australia.

1921 departure from Ulverstone, per article Advocate newspaper Burnie 15 Aug 1921.

Mr. W. A. Skinner, who is leaving Ulverstone after a residence there .of 30 years, was entertained at a smoke social in the Oddfellows Hall on Saturday night, under the auspices of the local Traders Association. Mr. Geo. Ellis presided over a good attendance, and after thc loyal toast, proposed that of their guest. He was glad to know that Mr. Skinner was able to retire, and with Mrs. Skinner take a well earned rest. Their guest had taken an active part in the business life of Ihe town, and would be greatly missed. He wished Mr. Skinner, and hsi wife every happiness.

Mr. Thos. Collett was pleased to have been invited to the function in honor of Mr. Skinner. He could not allow a man who had been in the district for 30 years to leave without saying a few words. Mr. Skinner had been in close touch with the people of the district, and his purse had always been open for the benefit of charitable or patriotic funds. He was indeed pleased that Mr. Skinner was able to take a well-earned rest from his labors. Every future happiness and success he trusted would stay with the departing townspeople, who he hoped some day to see back at Ulverstone. (Applause).

Dr. Gollan said that in Mr. Skinner he was losing one of his best friends. He had found their guest to be a such travelled man, full of valuable information. "If you want, to ascertain a man's true character," said the speaker, "play cards with him." Mr. Skinner had stood that test, being able to take a beating and continue smiling. Their guest, he knew, had been a guide philosopher, and friend to many. He was sorry to farewell him, but wished him and Mrs. Skinner happiness. (Applause.)

NB Refer to notation 1935 Card Sharps, as below.

Residence 1922 "Leven Whare" 24 St Huberts rd, Caulfield East, Henty, Victoria, Australia.

24 St Huberts Rd, Caulfield East / Carnegie Victoria, circa 1930s.

Death of Brother Henry William Skinner (18481922) 1922 Hooker, Texas, Oklahoma, USA.

Family portrait of Henry William Skinner.

Death of Brother George Russell Skinner (18591924) 8 April 1924 Denver, Colorado, USA.

Headstone of George Russell and Abbey Skinner, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado, USA. Courtesy

Residence 1924 "Leven Whare" Caulfield East, Henty, Victoria, Australia.

Death of Sister Louisa Skinner (18541928) 8 Aug 1928 Nottingham England.

Death of Sister Ada Skinner (18421928) 1928 Nottingham, England.

Record of Ada Newton nee Skinner returning from the USA in 1903.

Handwritten letter from William Archer Skinner at Leven Whare, Caulfield East.

Letter from William Archer Skinner to daughter Ruby Sydenham nee Skinner. Leven Whare was the name of their house. Regards per "XXX" to grandchildren Betty and John noted at bottom left.

A hand made gift card for daughter Ruby Sydenham who was living at Colac Victoria in 1933.

Card Sharps - 1935.

A friek of a chance of the cards - a one in a 158,000,000,000 chance of a hand which hit the newspapers.

Residence 1936 "Leven Whare" Glenhuntly, Henty, Victoria, Australia.

Death 2 Dec 1937 "Leven Whare" Carnegie, Victoria, Australia.

Handwritten family record of Wills death.

Early Skinner families & Tobacco business.

Skinner family from John Skinner c1736 of St Sepulchure, Middlesex.

First born daughter Ruby.

First born son Archer.

Youngest daughter Bertha.

Review Angus families.


Richards Harris - Ancestry account access.
Jill Harris - Great Grand daughter of Willima Archer Skinner.
Michael Bowen - Great Grand son of William Archjer Skinner.
Mixo Sydenham - Great Grand son of Williasm Archer Skinner.
January Zeh - cousin, Hawaii, USA.
Laurel Davies - cousin, Canada.
Les Hooper - cousin, Enfield, U.K.

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